Vedic astrology is an extraordinary predictive and counseling tool. There are many wonderful stories of how Vedic astrologers can pinpoint specific events in a person’s life with  accuracy. Yet Vedic astrologers also can relate deep wisdom about a person’s life purpose, karma and spiritual path.

Similarly, Ayurveda is a precise and comprehensive tool for physical and psychological well-being, optimal health, energy and vitality. There are many instances of Ayurvedic doctors introducing changes in a person’s life, from simple dietary or life-style modifications, to special herbs or internal cleansing that can literally rejuvenate us, countering long standing and intractable health problems.


*Please note: The information on this website is solely for educational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. We do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. Kindly consult an Ayurvedic expert or licensed health practitioner before following any remedies suggested here.

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