Benefits of the Indian Head Massage

Benefits of the Indian Head Massage
  1. Significantly improves the supply of oxygen to the brain, as it increases blood circulation.
  2. Provides deep relaxation due to increased endorphins released giving you that happy and “feel good” euphoria
  3. Uplifts, revitalizes and calms the spirit
  4. Creates a greater sense of balance, balance of the Chakras
  5. Relaxes tense and stretched muscles, while reducing nodules, knots and stiffness in muscle tissues.
  6. Effective at alleviating stress
  7. Helps to eliminate accumulated body toxins with improved blood circulation
  8. Enhances waste management e.g., lymphatic drainage to improve the functions of the immune system
  9. Improves the health of skin and stimulates hair growth
  10. Helps to relieve depression, stress, mental tiredness, while improving focus and energy levels.

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